Anna Steel

Anna Steel
Project Scientist



Ph.D Ecology, University of California, Davis

B.A. Biology, Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA

Research Interests:

I study movement and behavior of native fishes, with an emphasis on science to support conservation. I have conducted field, laboratory, and numerical research to explore the links between movement and individual survival. In the Fish Conservation Physiology Lab, my work centers on understanding how both internal states and environmental conditions affect the response of green and white sturgeon to varied threats. We have directly explored performance of fish guidance technology at water diversion points, the effects of pesticides on movement and physiology of juvenile sturgeon, and the dynamics of predator-prey relationships in altered ecosystems. Throughout my work I seek opportunities to conduct interdisciplinary research, and collaborate often with hydraulic engineers to understand how flow conditions and velocity fields can impact sturgeon behavior. To interpret these varied data types, I frequently use analytical techniques suited for large or complex datasets. In the future my work will help to refine our understanding of thermal and illumination effects on swimming capacity and behavior, including how variation in juvenile swimming capacity relates to fish exclusion screens. We also plan to explore the potential for improving passage design at migratory barriers for adult sturgeon. 


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