Tony Yang

Tony Yang
PhD Student
Animal Biology Graduate Group



M.S. in International Program in Agricultural Development Studies, with specialization in Fisheries, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan (2019)

B.S. in Evolution, Ecology & Biodiversity, University of California, Davis, Davis, CA, USA (2017)

Research Interests:

My main realms of interest are physiological ecology and ecotoxicology. I am interested in studying how aquatic organisms would cope with environmental stressors due to climate changes/anthropogenic disturbances physiologically/behaviorally/genetically, at both individual level and population level.

By studying the mechanisms behind how aquatic species respond to stressors, we will be able to find out how to optimize the fitness of those species, and to predict the population dynamics of those species. In this case, it is possible for us to generate conservation strategies for endangered and commercially important aquatic species, so that the sustainability of the aquaculture could be improved, and the biodiversity of aquatic ecosystems could be maintained.

For my master’s degree, I focused on fisheries and physiology of aquatic crustaceans, and completed thesis research on the effects of salinity on physiological parameters and gonad development in male Pacific whiteleg shrimp, in relation to broodstock improvement.