Cassidy Cooper

Cassidy Cooper
PhD Student
Animal Behavior Graduate Group



M.S. Biology, CSU San Marcos (2020)
B.A. Biology, CSU San Marcos (2018)

Research Interests:

I am broadly interested in physiological ecology research and questions about how animals respond to and cope with environmental variation. Specifically, I am interested in investigating how environmental variation will drive plastic physiological responses and, in turn, influence ongoing environmental interactions mediated by behavior. I aim to approach these broad topics with an emphasis on the implications for conservation-type applications of local native species. My recent research has focused on how energetic state as determined by resource availability and dietary constraints will influence thermal performance. I am curious about how fish such as Chinook Salmon balance multiple physiological and behavioral strategies to respond to highly variable conditions during development and outmigration.


Sustainable Oceans NRT


Cooper CJ, Kristan III WB, Eme J (2021) Thermal tolerance and routine oxygen consumption of convict cichlid, Archocentrus nigrofasciatus, acclimated to constant temperatures (20°C and 30°C) and a daily temperature cycle (20°C→30°C). Journal of Comparative Physiology B.

Cooper CJ, Mueller CA, Eme J (2019) Temperature tolerance and oxygen consumption of two South American tetras, Paracheirodon inessi and Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi. Journal of Thermal Biology, 86,

Eme J, Cooper CJ, Alvo A, Vasquez J, Muhtaseb S, Rayman S, Schmoyer T, Elsey RM (2019) Scaling of major organs in hatchling female American alligators (Alligator mississippiensis). Journal of Experimental Zoology A, 331, 38 51