Peter Aronson

Peter Aronson
Junior Specialist


B.S. Marine Science, B.S. Biology, B.S. Ecosystem Science & Policy, University of Miami, Florida.

Research Interests:

I first became involved with research in high school, assisting with a study on elasmobranch sensitivities to electric fields and a project on oyster reef restoration ecology in the Chesapeake. As an undergraduate at the University of Miami, I interned in a shark research and conservation lab, completed a NOAA Hollings Scholarship project on the re-establishment of salmon in Washington’s Cedar River, and wrote a senior thesis on coral reef health in the Solomon Islands. After graduating, I worked seasonal jobs in the avian world, assisting with nesting wading bird surveys at Audubon’s Everglades Science Center and with raptor and woodpecker surveys in Oregon’s Upper Klamath Basin. I’m happy to be back in the fish world having joined the Fangue Fish Conservation Physiology Lab. Since starting, I worked heavily on a project studying juvenile salmon’s use of seasonally-flooded rice fields.


Dark, V., Aronson, P., & Kiffney, P. 2021. Stream Biofilm and Invertebrate Response to Pacific Salmon Recolonization of the Cedar River, WA Above Landsburg Dam After Restoration of Fish Passage. NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center.
Aronson, P., Uy, F.M.K., & Uy, J.A.C. 2021. Different Types of Anthropogenic Pollution Have Unique Impacts on Sea Urchin and Coral Abundances in a Near-shore Marine Habitat of the Solomon Islands. University of Miami.