Prospective Students & Volunteers

Information for Volunteers & Undergraduates

Please email our Lab Manager Dennis Cocherell ( and our Staff Research Associate Sarah Baird ( with information about your major, experience, research interests, and why you would like to join the Fish Conservation Physiology Lab.

Information for Potential Graduate Students

I accept both Master’s and Ph.D. students. Prospective students interested in joining the Fish Conservation Physiology Lab should:

    1. Browse the website to learn about current research projects and the interests of people working in the lab.
    2. Visit the publications page and read some of our recently published work.
    3. If, after steps 1 and 2, you are still interested in our research, please contact me to discuss opportunities. Please include:
      • Reasons for your interest in graduate research and your motivation for joining the lab
      • Previous research experiences (including molecular/physiological laboratory techniques or fieldwork)
      • Future research interests
      • GPA and relevant coursework

Once I have reviewed your materials, I will contact you to discuss future opportunities in the lab and provide more information on the graduate application process. (Please note that acceptance decisions are made by the entire UC Davis faculty and I cannot guarantee admission until applications are formally reviewed).

Applying for Graduate School at UC Davis

The graduate program structure at UC Davis is somewhat unique. Unlike most universities that house specific graduate programs within a particular department, ‘graduate groups’ at UC Davis are distinct units that include faculty mentors from many departments across campus. This model is designed to be interdisciplinary, encouraging students to interact broadly across departmental lines. I currently belong to three graduate groups: 1) Genetics Graduate Group (GGG), 2) Animal Biology Graduate Group (ABGG), and 3) the Graduate Group in Ecology (GGE) where my two areas of emphasis (AOE’s) are Physiological Ecologyand Marine Ecology.

There is also a new and exciting program for GGE graduate students called ‘Organism-Environment Interactions (OEI)’. This group is designed to be a nucleus for supervisors and students interested in OEI, particulartly in the context of climate change. Participation in this group doesn’t change the graduate application process or programmatic requirements, it is simply designed to gather like minds and stimulate excitement for research of common theme. Check it out!

Application Deadline: Applications are generally due in mid-December, but please consult each graduate group website for specific deadlines and admission requirements. For general information about UC Davis graduate programs visit the Office of Graduate Studies.