Miranda Damante

Miranda Damante
email: mldamante@ucdavis.edu


B.S. Coastal and Marine Sciences, Physical Oceanography Track, UC Davis (2021)

A.S. Biology, Modesto Junior College

A.S. Chemistry, Modesto Junior Colle

Research Interests:

My research interests include exploring the relationship between climate change and aquatic environments. I love studying ocean currents, resulting weather patterns, and how these topics influence and inform aquaculture practices. I’m inspired by the wildness of the ocean and hope to help preserve it by improving marine policies, furthering ocean education, and contributing to timely research of anthropogenic climate impacts.
With the Fish Conservation Physiology Lab, I have participated in sturgeon contaminant studies that determine the effects of the agriculture chemical fipronil on the development of juvenile green and white sturgeon. I have also been involved in various other lab projects including conservation of other CA native endangered fishes like Chinook salmon and Delta Smelt. I am currently helping out with general tasks around the lab which has given me experience with Chinook salmon carcass surveys on Putah Creek, construction of Delta Smelt release cages, and Chinook salmon hatchery field trips.